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Most Common Employee Lawsuits

Dental Practice ManagementIf you own a dental practice, you cannot ignore the possibility of being sued by an employee at some point in time. In fact, it is a rare business that is not sued by an employee if the business has been operating for more than a few years. The United States is a litigious society in general and employers are frequent targets of a wide variety of lawsuits. Some of the more common lawsuits filed by past or present employees include: Continue reading

5 Tips to Help Prepare for Tax Prep

Prepare for preparation? Yes, it’s more than a good idea. It can have significant impact on your tax obligation.

Tax Prep - AuditYou know how onerous tax preparation itself can be. So you probably don’t like to even think about it until those deadlines loom.

But some planning and preparation done throughout the year can make it easier to face the IRS’ intimidating tax forms. Here are five ways to minimize the stress and anxiety you usually feel in the spring. Continue reading