Monthly Archives: March 2014

Credit Unions vs. Commercial Banks

The great debate as to whether credit unions or commercial banks are more advantageous to consumers rages on. Both offer distinct strengths and weaknesses to consider, depending on what your banking needs may be.  Continue reading

Tax Audit Red Flag – Exaggerated Charitable Donations

For the average person, there’s nothing more terrifying than the thought of getting an IRS audit. For some people, it ranks right up there with fears of dentists, flying, and clowns.

This installment of tax audit red flags focuses on charitable donations. No, this is not to say you shouldn’t give to charity. It’s just to remind you that if you aren’t careful in your giving, you could be bringing a little undesired attention upon yourself by the IRS.  Continue reading

Giving Away Money? Know the Tax Laws

Feeling generous? Want to give a gift of cash or something equivalent to a family member or friend? You should understand the tax implications. Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Recipe

Easy Irish Soda Bread

Only For Dentists Recipe: Irish Soda Bread Continue reading