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Why You Need a Dental CPA

Just as a neurosurgeon specializes in brain or spine surgery, a dental CPA specializes in performing accounting and advising tasks for dental practices. Having a specialist on your team can be beneficial in many ways. Here, Only for Dentists explains why enlisting the expertise of a specialized dental CPA is so vital to the success of your dental care business.

A Dental CPA Will Understand Dental Terminology

Dentists must regularly purchase new equipment in order for their practice to remain top-of-the-line and successful. A CPA who specializes in dental practitioners will have a working knowledge of this equipment, and whether it will be a wise investment for this point in the business’ lifetime. General-practice CPAs will have to spend critical time familiarizing themselves with the terminology of dentistry.

A Dental CPA Will Be Able to Discuss Dentistry Trends

A dental CPA has specialized knowledge which allows them to understand overarching trends in the dental industry at large. They will be able to pick out specific opportunities and points of concern that you, as a dentist, should focus on more closely. This will help you better plan for the future, and avoid major hassles looming in the distance.

A Dental CPA Allows You to Focus on Your Practice

As a dentist, providing great service to your clients should be your number one priority. It can be stressful to dedicate your focus to multiple facets of your business. Enlisting the help of a dental CPA; however, allows you to channel your focus on your business, and leave the financials and tax preparation to someone who is qualified to handle it efficiently and easily.

A Dental CPA Will Help You Create or Re-Evaluate Your Retirement Plan

Your dental CPA understands retirement plans, and can help to create or re-design your retirement plan, as well as the plans in place for other employees. Because choosing a successful retirement plan will differ based on an individual’s needs, as well as the demographics of the firm, your dental CPA will be able to hand-tailor a plan to perfectly match your unique business.

A Dental CPA Can Connect You with Loan Providers Who are Familiar with the Dental Industry

If you are preparing to buy or build an office, a dental CPA will be able to put you in contact with loan officers and providers who specialize in providing loans to those within the dental industry. This can greatly streamline the process, ensuring your needs are met quickly and efficiently.

A Dental CPA is a Specialist—Just Like You

As a dentist, you know how vital it is to specialize in the task at hand—you wouldn’t trust your hairstylist to fill a cavity, right? When hiring a CPA, the reasoning should be the same. A dental CPA has the specialized knowledge to successfully perform all the accounting, tax preparation and financial advisory procedures necessary to ensure your dental firm runs smoothly and grows successfully. The specialists at Only for Dentists are excited to begin working with you—contact us today for more information about how we can help!