Michael & Company Accounting Associate Diana Signoriello Passes Third Part of CPA Exam

Michael & Company, a CPA firm headquartered in Fresno, Calif., is excited to announce that Diana Signoriello has successfully completed the third part of the CPA examination. Ms. Signoriello is currently an accounting associate at the firm.

Ms. Signoriello embarked on the journey to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) approximately one year ago. One condition of the program is that candidates are required to pass all four sections of the examination in an 18-month window. Now that she has completed the third part, Ms. Signoriello has only one more section to pass before becoming eligible to receive her CPA designation.

Upon receiving her CPA license, Ms. Signoriello will be exposed to numerous opportunities for growth within Michael & Company. The fourth section of the CPA exam focuses on tax regulation, and once she completes the necessary workload, her understanding of her accounting work will continue to expand, and her efficiency will immensely increase.

“In my eyes, achievement means growth. If there is anything that I strive for in life, it’s always learning and growing in all aspects of my life,” said Ms. Signoriello in regard to receiving her CPA certification. “I will be very proud of myself once the tests are over, and I plan on continuing to grow from there.”

Ms. Signoriello is scheduled to take the fourth part of the exam in October 2015 with the intent of completing the program in its entirety by summer 2016.

Ms. Signoriello can be reached at dsignoriello@bmichaelcpa.com. For more information about Michael & Company and the financial services offered, call 559-436-8907 or visit the firm’s website at http://www.bmichaelcpa.com/.