Drug Testing for New Hires is Important for Your Company

employment (2)If you have been considering putting a drug testing program into place, you’re not alone. Up to 60% of new hires are now required to pass a drug test before beginning a new job. This isn’t surprising as drug use costs employers $81 billion dollars annually. Pre-employment drug testing can save your company money and keep your employees safe.

Studies show that 9% of part-time workers and 7% of full-time employees use illegal drugs. While you may think that drug users are unemployed layabouts, actually over 70% of those with substance abuse issues hold a job of some kind, and over half of adults working know of an employee that has come to work while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

It has been found that by drug testing new hires, you can improve your employee morale as well as productivity. By having a drug free work environment, you will reduce downtime, theft, accidents, and absenteeism and therefore increasing your bottom line. In addition, drug testing for new hires can help protect your company from law suits filed by an employee that is injured on the job by a coworker that is abusing drugs.

The two most common types of drug screening are the 5-panel and the 10-panel. The five-panel tests for cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, phencyclidine, and marijuana. The 10-panel test will also detect more prescription medications as well as additional recreational drugs.

Keep in mind that as an employer, you are also legally allowed to randomly drug test on a regular schedule even after a new employee has been hired. You also have the right to request the drug test to be taken in a short time span. A variety of specimens can be used for all of these drug tests including urine, hair, nails, blood, and saliva.

While some may find drug testing for new hires intrusive, for an employer, it is all about protection and productivity. Drug testing before someone becomes an employee can save you costly issues down the road.